joonshow is the design portfolio of art director joon ek kim.
He designs and animates for television, films, digital media and print.
    JOON EK KIM (김 준 억)
    Creative Director, Designer and Animator with an acute ability to efficiently produce succinct and innovative solutions for Motion Graphic Branding and Marketing Strategies. Since graduating from California Institute of the Art (Calarts) in 2004, he has completed numerous projects for Television, Film, Digital Media and Print. Bilingually proficient in English and Korean multicultural experiences resulting in modular and culturally conscious design solutions that are successful and salient. Proficient in Design and Production software as well as leading and Managing any team of creative professionals.
    Currently, Co-led the Motion Graphics team at Seismic Production. Creative directing and designing motion graphic projects include corporate logo design, his other contributions to the company included creative directing and producing out of the box A/V and TV material.
    c: 562.519.0929  
    aim: joonekkim